Should I Be Putting Expensive Gas In My Car? in Olive Branch, MS

Should I Be Putting Expensive Gas In My Car?

Brian Chapman's Blog | Should I Be Putting Expensive Gas In My Car?

As drivers we typically inject our vehicles with the “less expensive” gasoline, unless of course our vehicle is in need of a particular type, like diesel.

But have you ever wondered if the more expensive gas would be beneficial for our vehicle?

Well...our vehicles do not necessarily need the more expensive gas, but there is a benefit.

The higher the octane rating, the more our engines can advance timing.

Meaning, when we use regular gas we are lowering our octane, which then lowers our output, power and gas mileage.

In conclusion, when adding a more expensive gas to your vehicle, it actually does improve the vehicle's performance.

In my opinion, unless your engine specifically specifies the higher octane gas, the lowest unleaded choice is perfectly fine.

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